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How to Find the Right Cosmetic Dentist

A Patient’s Guide to Finding and Choosing the Right Cosmetic Dentist Are you planning to fix a problem with the appearance of your teeth? Or maybe you want to undergo a complete smile makeover? Regardless of your reason, you have to find and choose a cosmetic dentist, who is qualified to do the work. You have to search for someone professional and knowledgeable enough in this field. Sure, there may be lots of dentists in the vicinity, but none of them is as good as Karen Gordon, DMD Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. They have the best cosmetic dentist in Hollywood, […]

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5 Easy Hacks to a Healthy and Happy Smile

5 Easy Hacks to a Healthy and Happy Smile Healthy smile, happy you. Your smile is the first thing people notice when they see you. Maintaining a healthier and happier smile doesn’t necessarily only mean whitening your teeth; there are many more factors that go beyond that. With years of experienced, Karen Gordon, DMD Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is one of the highest quality Family Dentists in Hollywood, FL. At her office you can easily achieve that smile you want with these 5 easy tips and tricks: Floss Daily – though this sounds quite obvious, most of us neglect to […]

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Family Dentist Hollywood FL

Are you afraid of going to dental clinics? Well, after reading this article, you will love to go there and they will become your favorite places. Among the best dental clinics in the country is Karen Gordon Dentistry. Since its establishment, it has become the most famous dentistry in Hollywood. In this clinic, the need for family dentists Hollywood FL is fulfilled because their staff and dentists are capable of offering unique services. About Karen Gordon, DMD For years, this Hollywood-based clinic has been serving various patients. If you want to know more about them, you can do a quick […]

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Dental Implants: Should You Be Concerned About Your Safety?

Dental Implants: Should You Be Concerned About Your Safety? You will find a number of people who gets anxious when it comes to dental procedures, which includes dental implants. Dental implants Hollywood, FL is often dreaded by many because of the uncertainty that people have about the procedure. So what must you know before getting dental implants? The Types of Dental Implants Dental implants Hollywood, FL have two common types which are: Subperiosteal Implant- This implant is usually done for people who has shallow jaws. People who do not want or cannot change their jaw structure through dental implants also […]

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Local Preventative Dentistry Specialists

Are you looking for a dentist in Hollywood, FL? Do words like restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and preventive dentistry intimidate you? Karen Gordon Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is not only the ultimate choice for a dentist in Hollywood, but Dr. Gordon and her staff want to help you understand dental hygiene and take the free and mystery from your dental health. Preventative Dentistry The first step in any dental plan is working to prevent future, more intense visits. Your yearly visits are important as a way to check in with your dentist to ensure you’re taking good care of your […]

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Importance of Oral Health During Pregnancy

Importance of Oral Health During Pregnancy

Importance of Oral Health During Pregnancy Many women avoid the dentist during pregnancy, often due to fears that dental treatment may have detrimental affects on the health and development of their unborn child. Many have also fallen prey to the very common misconception that dental problems are a normal part of pregnancy, one that they must just grin and bear until after their child is delivered. Unfortunately, these misconceptions have the potential to cause serious problems for mother and baby, since poor dental health can increase risk of pregnancy complications that can affect either or both of them. About Pregnancy […]

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