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Myths about Cosmetic Dentistry Debunked!

From veneers to fixing crooked teeth, cosmetic surgery can do wonders for people. Unfortunately, some avoid it because of the negativity linked to ‘cosmetic’ surgeries, or because of fears inspired by myths. If you belong to the second group, the following facts will debunk common myths many people have about this branch of dentistry.

Myth: Cosmetic dentistry is just for esthetics

Truth: The term ‘cosmetic’ may be misleading. However, cosmetic dentistry isn’t just to make you look your best. Procedures such as tooth replacement can actually do much more than enhance your smile. They can prevent numerous potential problems such as tooth movement, difficulty chewing, and even bone loss. Ask Dr. Gordon about the health benefits of a cosmetic procedure you require just to put your mind at ease.

Myth: Cosmetic dentistry procedures are painful

Truth: Most cosmetic dentistry procedures are painless. Whether it’s tooth whitening, dental implants or dental veneers, rest assured that with the anesthetics available and advances in techniques, you won’t feel more than slight pressure at times or sensitivity for a day after the procedure.

Myth: Cosmetic dentistry procedures require lots of appointments

Truth: This isn’t usually the norm thanks to innovative dental procedures and technologies. A few cosmetic procedures such as dental bonding, contouring and teeth whitening can be completed in one visit and you can return to your normal routine immediately following treatment. Veneers, crowns, and bridges can take up to two visits. One to prepare your teeth, take impressions and a follow-up visit to place the permanent fixtures when they return from the lab.

Usually the cosmetic procedures that require the most time are dental implants. Dr. Gordon will place a titanium screw and a provisional crown or bridge in one visit. It will be several weeks before the implant will be stable enough for the permanent crown or bridge and a return to normal function. The multiple visits are necessary to make sure the implant is healing properly and to make any adjustments to the new crown, bridge or denture. You will not be able to chew on the temporary crown until the implant is stable, but you will not have to walk around with a gap in your mouth while you wait for your treatment to be completed.

Myth: Cosmetic dental procedures are very costly

Truth: Most people avoid cosmetic dentistry because they believe they are too costly. However, if you need a procedure, Dr. Gordon can help fit it within your budget. Plus, Dr. Gordon offers a free consultation for those patients considering cosmetic dentistry treatment. With the growing demand and arrival of new technology, dental practices have to be competitive in the rates they charge, and this means savings for you.

Myth: The results scream ‘Fake!’

Truth: Most people fear spending so much only to have people point out that their teeth look fake. However, the advances in technology easily allow Dr. Gordon to make a restoration appear just like natural teeth. No one will notice the difference between your normal teeth and your restored tooth.

Myth: I need to visit another dentist to get cosmetic work done

Truth: Dr. Karen Gordon is a doctoral graduate of the University of Florida College of Dentistry and continues her education by attending extensive advanced clinical studies every year. As such, she can provide comprehensive dentistry for all of her patients. So whether you are looking for the latest in cosmetic dentistry, require more advanced procedures or are just need a dentist who can help your family smile, she is able to provide all the solutions.

Myth: The effects of cosmetic dentistry will Wear Out

Truth: The benefits and results of any cosmetic dentistry procedure are long-lasting. You may need some touch ups at times, but these are only required for procedures like whitening. Dental bonding, veneers and implants can last 15 years or more depending on the treatment you choose and how you take care of them.

Myth: In-office whitening is as effective as at-home kits

Truth: There is a big difference between the kits you find at drugstores and the whitening treatment Dr. Gordon provides. In-office whitening procedures promise a greater level of whiteness since they do not only remove surface stains, but actually even out the color of your teeth.

Myth: I have to wear ugly braces to straighten my teeth

Truth: While braces are usually the de facto solution for misaligned teeth, there are actually other procedures your dentist may recommend depending on the severity of your condition. For instance, if your teeth have slight gaps or chips, Dr. Gordon can improve your smile with veneers. It is a quick and painless solution that will improve the look of your smile in just a couple of visits. Other esthetic treatments for slight cosmetic problems include bonding and contouring to repair chips or uneven tooth lengths, braces not required.

If you still have any questions on cosmetic dentistry, ask Karen Gordon, DMD, and rest assured that you’ll be getting the best advice for your case. So get in touch today by calling (954) 613-9837, and book an appointment to start improving the health and look of your teeth.

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