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Are you looking for a dentist in Hollywood, FL? Do words like restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and preventive dentistry intimidate you? Karen Gordon Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is not only the ultimate choice for a dentist in Hollywood, but Dr. Gordon and her staff want to help you understand dental hygiene and take the free and mystery from your dental health.

Preventative Dentistry

The first step in any dental plan is working to prevent future, more intense visits. Your yearly visits are important as a way to check in with your dentist to ensure you’re taking good care of your teeth and gums.Cleanings are the first line of defense against cavities and gum disease. Proper cleaning of those bones in your mouth are going to do a world of good in the future to keep you out of the dentist chair. For more advanced work, we also perform screens for oral cancer and other gum diseases that can cause harm.

Restorative Dentistry

Many of your least favorite words to hear during a dental visit are in the realm of restorative work (keep up the preventative work!). Restorative Dentistry is a family of procedures to rehabilitate poor dental hygiene in your mouth and the complications that may arise from it. The scariest option of which is the dreaded root canal. But if you don’t want to be scared of your root canal procedure, Dr. Gordon and her staff are the best choice for root canals in Hollywood, FL. Do you need something a little less intense? Crowns, fillings, and composites can help repair damaged teeth and keep them safe from future wear and harm.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is one of the most important parts of you. You want to be proud and show off your natural beauty, but sometimes issues in dentistry can get in the way of that. We’re the best choice for a cosmetic dentist in Hollywood, FL because we care about what cosmetic dentistry means for your quality of life. If you have a chipped tooth, need a cleaning, or need veneers to repair a crooked smile, we’re here to help with a passion for bringing out the beauty in the smiles of all our patients.

See? Dentistry doesn’t have to be scary. To get more information or a consultation call us at (954) 613 9837

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