Dental Implants: Should You Be Concerned About Your Safety?

Dental Implants: Should You Be Concerned About Your Safety?

You will find a number of people who gets anxious when it comes to dental procedures, which includes dental implants. Dental implants Hollywood, FL is often dreaded by many because of the uncertainty that people have about the procedure. So what must you know before getting dental implants?

The Types of Dental Implants

Dental implants Hollywood, FL have two common types which are:

  • Subperiosteal Implant- This implant is usually done for people who has shallow jaws. People who do not want or cannot change their jaw structure through dental implants also choose this type. Implants are placed under the gum but not penetrating the jaw bone.
  • Endoesteal Implant- For people who can handle surgery, this is the type of dental implant that they can choose. This type is the common choice and the cylinders, plates and/or screws are placed in the jaw bone.

What Happens in a Dental Implant Procedure?

Dental implants Hollywood, FL does not happen in one day. The procedure can take days, and dentists give their clients the proper run down on procedures done. Dentists will ask all necessary questions to you and will need some information about the status of your health as well.

Once you are deemed healthy, your dental implant dentist will x-ray your jaw, making sure it can handle the procedure. You are then given the best type of dental implant you can have and a treatment plan is also presented. Once you agree, you will be scheduled for the dental implant.

On the day scheduled, a tooth root implant or titanium post is placed on the location of the missing tooth. The bone is then left to heal and grow around the post. Once healed and ready, an abutment or connector for the tooth and the post is placed. The new tooth or also known as a dental crown is then readied by having an impression of how your tooth should look like. This will function just the way natural tooth functions.

Final Question: Is Dental Implant Safe?

Generally, dental implant is safe. Dental implant dentists go through trainings and additional studies in order to safely perform a dental implant. Certifications should tell you that you are dealing with a professional. If you have a family dentist who is not certified to do implants, he will definitely recommend one for you.

Another reason why dental implant Hollywood, FL is safe is the preparation it takes. Dental implant dentists will not push through the procedure should they learn that you are suffering from a serious disease like heart problems and diabetes. People who also do not practice regular and proper oral hygiene and are heavy smokers will definitely be ticked off from the list. And also take note that if dental implant dentists do not assure a patient’s safety, it will not only cause them fortune but also their reputation in their chosen field.

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