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Dental Crowns/Bridges in Hollywood, Florida

Because severe dental decay or tooth loss is a cause for concern, the teeth need restoration as quickly as possible. Dental crowns are specially crafted caps placed over a tooth to restore its size, shape and function. Bridges are a combination of two or more crowns that act to anchor to false teeth in between them. These appliances bridge the gap created by one or more missing teeth. By getting crowns or bridges or a combination of these restorations, a patient not only restores the function of their teeth, but also helps maintain proper oral health. They keep a smile looking its best.

Causes of Dental Decay and Tooth Loss

The bacteria in your mouth feed on sugars and carbohydrates thereby causing tooth decay. Regular brushing and flossing can remove these substances from the surface of your teeth on a daily basis. But once plaque forms on the surface of your teeth, it is more difficult to remove. The substance will harden and continue to infect the teeth causing decay. Not getting enough fluoride and dry mouth are additional causes of tooth decay. Besides dental decay, a tooth can fall out due to trauma or nerve damage.

Dental Restorations

When teeth become severely weakened or decayed, the form and function of these teeth needs to be restored. With restorations, you can maintain proper oral health. In cases of minor fractures or decay,  the dentist usually will use a filling. In more serious cases, crowns can cap these deteriorated teeth. In the most serious cases, where a tooth has been lost, crowns and bridges often work to fill the gap.

What are Crowns?

CrownsDental crowns or caps are the ideal way to restore teeth that have been broken or weakened by decay. In fact, crowns are one of the most common procedures performed in a dental office. They are employed on teeth that are likely to fracture or lose considerable substance if left untreated. These caps are specially crafted to match the natural color and contour of your smile. Crowns are made from a variety of materials depending on placement and can be a long-lasting restoration when properly maintained.

What are Bridges?

dental_bridge1Bridges are a combination of dental crowns and false teeth to use in cases where teeth are missing. This treatment is often used when dental implants or dentures are not deemed necessary. But, the circumstances have to be right. For a bridge to be installed effectively, the false teeth have to be anchored between neighboring teeth. To accept the bridge, the neighboring teeth even if they are perfectly healthy, have to be filed down and prepared for crowns. If however multiple teeth are missing, a bridge can be supported by dental implants instead of neighboring teeth.

Procedure for Crowns and Bridges

First, the dentist will administer a local anesthetic to be as comfortable as possible. Second, with a system of tools, Dr. Gordon will clear decay and reshape the teeth to receive the crowns. Third, once the teeth are prepared, an impression is made and sent to the dental lab for customized dental restorations. Usually at the end of this appointment, the dentist will install a temporary crown, so the patient can chew without fear of damaging the prepared teeth. When the crown or bridge is developed, the dentist will have you return for the permanent installation. The restorative crown or bridge is fitted and bonded in place. Then the dentist will make any final adjustments to the fit and bite. A well-placed bridge or crown can last 15 years or more if properly maintained.

Benefits of Crowns and Bridges

  • Rebuild function and aesthetic of your smile
  • Maintain the structure and shape of your face
  • Realign existing teeth
  • Prevent remaining teeth from shifting out of place
  • Restore proper distribution of biting forces
  • Whitens and reshapes your smile

Why Do I Need Crowns/Bridges?

Many people believe the only reason to replace missing teeth is aesthetics, which is why they do not seek treatment when a tooth is missing. However, there is more to dental crowns and bridges than just filling a gap. You also lose your ability to eat and sometimes speak properly. A missing tooth causes the other remaining teeth to shift out of place resulting  in malocclusion or improper bite. If a missing tooth is not replaced, the jawbone will begin to lose density. In fact, after tooth loss, there is a 25 percent decrease in the width of the bone within the first year. This extreme bone loss puts a patient at greater risk of jaw fractures and bite collapse. If you have lost a permanent tooth it is important to consult with a dentist about dental restorations as soon as possible.

Choosing Crowns and Bridges from Dr. Karen Gordon

Crowns and bridges are a work of science and art. You want these dental restorations to look as natural as possible while also retaining proper function. When you choose Dr. Gordon, you will get the care to match your teeth that you expect.

Contact us today and learn more about the restorative procedure we can use to match your needs.

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