What Foods to Avoid When Wearing Temporary Crown?

What Foods to Avoid When Wearing Temporary Crown?

Crowns are used for many reasons, bridges, dental implants, root canals, badly damaged or decayed teeth. Dentists prepare the teeth for the crown and send a mold to the laboratory that will finalize the crown. As a result, for two weeks, patients have to wear a temporary crown, which is made from a bonding material of a composite of glass and plastic. After a temporary crown is placed, your teeth may be more tender and sensitive than usual. In these cases, there are many types of food that you should avoid consuming to ensure nothing damages the crown.

Sticky Foods

Consuming a lot of sticky foods after having a temporary crown placed is not wise. The sticky nature of the food can envelop your temporary crown, and the force of removing the sticky food from your teeth could loosen it and cause it to fall out completely. The cement holding the temporary crown in place may be compromised and it would be very dangerous to your existing teeth if a crown falls out. Ensure that no sticky foods end up affecting your temporary crown or oral health in general. Sticky foods to avoid include gum, jelly beans, caramels, licorice, gummy bears or taffy.

Sugary Foods

A temporary crown is not fitted as closely to the gum line as permanent crowns are. Thus, there is a small space where the gums may be irritated and can get at the tooth that the temporary crown is covering. Avoid overly sugary foods that could serve as fuel for plaque that would develop between the gum line and tooth. These sugars can seep under the crown and onto the tooth and lead to tooth decay. High sugar content decreases general oral health and you should stray away from it. Avoid sugary foods like desserts, shakes, candy and other sweets.

Soda or Energy Drinks

Sodas and energy drinks have high sugar content that could lead to cavities and other tooth decay. Because it is a liquid, it may also easily seep under crowns and affect the tooth underneath, leading to irritation and decay. Sodas and energy drinks are also acidic and can erode away any tooth enamel surrounding a temporary crown. It is wise to avoid any colas and other energy drinks if you have a temporary crown

Hard Foods

Eating very hard foods increase your risk of damaging your temporary crown and can chip it, leading to repairs or even replacement crowns. Temporary crowns are not as strong as metals or porcelain. This means that it is very important to be cautious of the foods that you eat while you have a temporary crown. Avoid hard foods like nuts, hard candies or carrots.

Maintain the state of your temporary crowns and keep up your oral health as well. If you have any questions about temporary crowns and other foods that may affect it, contact Dr. Gordon, a dentist in Hollywood, FL, for more information or assistance! Call (954) 983-9004 today and we will address all of your dental health needs!

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