What fall foods are good for teeth?

What fall foods are good for teeth?

As the weather cools down and fruits and vegetables start ripening, more and more foods are appearing in supermarkets across the nation. Fall foods like pumpkins are becoming cheaper and more popular. But how healthy are these fall foods? To give you a better understanding of the autumn fruits and vegetables that could be good for your oral health, Karen Gordon DMD, explains her go-to, tooth-friendly foods in the autumn.


You can probably find apples in the store at any time of the year, but apples are especially tasty and easy to find in the fall. As September rolls around, more and more apples are ripening, and you can find the crunchy fruits in a dizzying variety at the store.

Dentists are particularly happy about this trend because apples are one of those foods that are unequivocally good for the teeth. Apples naturally contain the vitamins and minerals that preserve and strengthen the teeth, so eating apples can fortify your teeth against common oral health issues like tooth decay and gum disease.

Apples also benefit the oral system by catalyzing saliva production more so than most foods. Since saliva is the body’s natural defense against bacteria (the components of saliva prevent bacterial growth), eating apples can trigger the organic processes that prevent bacteria-caused oral health issues (like tooth decay and gum disease) from developing.


Though they are often perceived as a year-long food group, most types of nuts mature in the fall, which is why it’s easy to get fresh peanuts, walnuts and cashews in the autumn. Some families even go foraging for wild nuts as the weather turns colder.

Chances are great, your dentist would encourage this behavior because nuts are beneficial for the teeth. Like apples, most nuts contain vitamins and minerals that can strengthen and protect your teeth. Almost every type of nut contains traces of some mineral that could give your teeth a boost, from peanuts (which are high in tooth-strengthening calcium and vitamin D) to walnuts (that contain a staggering amount of minerals including iron, folic acid, and zinc) to cashews (that can stimulate saliva production much like apples can).

Eating nuts always requires a warning, though. While nuts might be good for the teeth, they could also be dangerous for the teeth simply because of how hard they can be. Make sure you and your family take care when snacking on roasted nuts to prevent dental emergencies from occurring!

If you have questions about the tooth-related benefits of a specific fall food (or if you ever face a dental emergency), make sure to make an appointment to see your local dentist! Dr. Gordon is always open to seeing new Florida patients at her office. Simply contact her practice by calling (954) 983-9004 or by visiting karengordondmd.com and set up an appointment today!

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