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Top Affordable Dentist in Hollywood FL!

The world in which we live in today has a lot of amazing perks such as getting things immediately or near-instantaneously as well as getting the best with just about anything. Now, this also applies to dentists. However, while having the best of everything is great, some people can’t always afford to have the best. Because of this most families who need dental care are looking for something a bit more affordable, but often times they can’t find it. So, today, in order to help those families find the best local dentist, but also one that is affordable, we are going to be showing you the top affordable dentist in Hollywood, FL. So read on, find the best, save money and enjoy!

Who is Karen Gordon, DMD& Why Choose Them?

With so many new local dentists in Hollywood, FL, sometimes it is hard to find the right one for you. Now, while a lot of them try to cater to everyone, that is not always the best choice for you if you have a big family. With Karen Gordon, DMD, however, they specialize in treating the dental needs of the whole family. And since they have climbed to the top of the list in terms of customer service, it’s no wonder why so many people keep going back.

Now, the main reason for the many returning patients is because of the attention to details and the overall way that the staff and dentists here treat each patient with kindness and extra special care. But, unlike a lot of other dental offices, Karen Gordon, DMD treats every patient like family. Because at the end of the day, we are all still human beings…not just patients or customers. Because of this the patients can feel the extra care and love that these staff and dentists put into their work.

What is the Difference Between Karen Gordon, DMD and everyone else?

Since a lot of dentistries today like to brag about how big their dental offices are, how many staff members they have and even what kind of degrees their dentist have, it’s easy to see why people find that a turn-off. But, one of the biggest reasons why Karen Gordon, DMD is set apart from those “other” dentists is because of the way each staff member shows care, love and works super hard to ensure that each and every patient feels at home and comfortable.

Likewise, because everyone puts off only positive vibes, te environment that is created makes every patient feel right at home and completely comfortable with the dentists working on their teeth. So, not only does everyone here at Karen Gordon, DMD want to give your beautiful smile back to you, they want you to be confident in using that smile. So, although it may take some time to finish certain procedures, no matter what, they will be there making you comfortable through it all.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a local dentist in Hollywood, FL or even an affordable dentist in Hollywood, FL than Karen Gordon, DMD is the right fit for you. With their amazing staff and skilled dentists, they will be with you the whole way no matter what procedure you need. If you would like to see the types of procedures they offer, please head over to their services page where you can view each one.

Contact Us!

Regardless of what type of procedure you may need, if you would like to join the family and learn how you can become apart of Karen Gordon, DMD, then feel free to give us a call at (954) 613-9837. To request an appointment click here or you can even come visit our office at 3990 Sheridan St. Suite 216, Hollywood, Florida 33021. See you there!

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