Seven Treatments for Your Dental Problems

Seven Treatments for Your Dental Problems

Treatment for Dental ProblemsBoth general and cosmetic dentistry work in tandem to provide both the restorative and esthetic solutions you want for your dental problems. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of how many options there are when it comes to dental treatments. So here are just seven of the most common services the dentist can provide and the problems they solve.

1. Fillings

It The Problems: minor fissures or crevices in teeth caused by wear, trauma or decay. The dentist uses composite or amalgam dental fillings as a solution for these, more minor problems. Fillings are sound, strong, long-lasting solutions that help protect the tooth from further decay or fracturing.

2. Root Canal Therapy

The Problems: severe dental pain or toothache caused by deeply penetrating dental decay that has infected the pulp of your teeth. In rare cases, the signs of infected pulp only will be obvious to Dr. Karen Gordon, and she will recommend root canal therapy. During the procedure the dentist creates an opening in the top portion of the tooth, clean out the infected pulp from the inner chamber all the way down to the root canals, then fill it and seal it. Once completed, the dentist places a crown to restore the weakened structure.

3. Dental Crowns

The Problems: one or more badly decayed, fractured or worn teeth. To treat these problems, the dentist covers the entire upper portion of the tooth with a crown; restoring it to natural size, shape and color. To perform this procedure, the dentist will shave down the existing tooth, eliminate decay where needed and place the dental crown. Crowns can be made from metal, porcelain, resin, ceramic or a combination of materials. Generally, this procedure takes two appointments. Dentists also use dental crowns in bridges and to top off dental implants.

4. Bridges

The Problems: a severely damaged or missing tooth between two healthy, neighboring teeth. To solve this problem, the dentist might recommend a dental bridge. It is a set of crowns bridged by a pontic (false tooth). The dentist will prep the neighboring teeth that will act as anchors for the bridge. Once cemented in place, bridges replace the once missing tooth and keep remaining teeth from shifting out of place.

5. Dental Implants

The Problems: one or more missing teeth. It is not natural for your teeth to fall out, yet still it happens. Dental implants are a way for the dentist to provide a long lasting restoration that mimics the natural function of a tooth root. It not only works to anchor the tooth, but also prevents bone loss. Once healed and crowned, dental implants look, work and feel just like a natural tooth.

6. Invisalign

The Problems: malocclusion or improperly aligned teeth that impact the function and appearance of your smile. The dentist will use this breakthrough technology to invisibly straighten your teeth and align your bite. This repositioning does more than just improve the esthetic of your smile but could also work to prevent bite, speech and eating problems caused by crooked teeth.

7. Teeth Whitening

The Problems: extrinsic staining (on the surface of the enamel) caused by highly pigmented foods, tobacco use or wear. With professional teeth whitening the dentist can get rid of these stains with just one visit. You can walk out with your smile up to 10 shades lighter.

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