How to Prevent a Cold by Brushing

Prevent a Cold by Brushing

Everyone knows that practicing good hygiene is crucial to staying healthy. Simple acts like washing your hands frequently can prevent the spread of bacteria, which is especially important during flu season. Oral health is the same. By simply making sure to brush your teeth and floss every day, you can have an overall healthier lifestyle.

Cleaning the Mouth

The mouth is one of the most contaminated parts of the body, housing hundreds of types of bacteria. Most are harmless, and some might even be beneficial, but the occasional malicious cold-causing bugs that wreak havoc on your immune system can most easily enter your bloodstream through the mouth. This is why brushing your teeth can be so important. It means that not only are your teeth protected from cavities, but also that you’re safe from any potential disease-causing bacteria.

Brushing Away Sickness

Brushing your teeth can be an effective way to get rid of some of the more irritating parts of recovering from a cold. Some medicinal syrups and cough drops can make your mouth feel sticky or leave a particularly pervasive bad breath. Constant brushing can get rid of these annoyances while protecting our teeth from the sugary tastes added to medicines to make them taste better.

Additionally, the stuffy noses that commonly accompany colds can cause your teeth and gums to dry out as a result of mouth breathing. Just like staying hydrated is key to replenish all the lost moisture, brushing makes sure that all the bacteria that might be sticking as a result of mouth breathing is fully gone.

Even if you don’t experience these symptoms, however, remembering to brush while sick is still important, if only to make sure your teeth stay healthy while you recuperate. Illness is not an excuse to stop brushing. If anything, it’s a reason to continue doggedly to make sure you don’t have oral problems in the future.

Having a consistent schedule for brushing and flossing also helps you set good practices for maintaining overall health. Knowing how to be stringent when it comes to your teeth means that it would be easier to have healthy guidelines for other aspects of your life (for example in setting nutritional goals).

Of course, consistently visiting a dentist also helps make sure that your teeth stay clean and healthy. During regular check-ups, dentists can make sure your teeth have no underlying issues while their assistants thoroughly get rid of any plaque that brushing couldn’t get rid of. Call Dr. Karen Gordon at (954) 983-9004 to set up an appointment to talk about our teeth today!

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