Common Family Dental Services You Can Benefit From

Common Family Dental Services You Can Benefit From

A must-have on your list for health professionals should bi-annual visits to a family dentist Hollywood FL. A healthy mouth and a wonderful smile can project how healthy you and your family are. If you are unsure of what to expect from a family dentist and would like to have an idea on what they may offer, here are some basic services a family dentist in Hollywood FL can do for you:

Most, if not all, dentists will give you and your family a thorough checkup as the first step in your appointment. Family dentists in Hollywood FL have you go through this checkup to get an idea on the status of your dental health. They will be able to see any issues or concerns so you both can quickly discuss and make a game plan for the next steps. Don’t be alarmed if your dentist checks other areas of your face. They often check the shape as well as irregularities on your lymph nodes and your neck. This is to check how your jaw is aligned in comparison to your face and neck. It also helps tell the dentist if you have an overbite or TMJ.

Dental cleaning at home is a recommended step for all people to take. Cleaning twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening. However, this is not enough to get all the cleaning your mouth needs. Family dentists Hollywood FL are equipped with the right materials and products to remove the plaque and stuck left-over chunks of food between your teeth. Don’t be alarmed if you flossed before your appointment and your dentist still finds left over pieces as there are hard to reach corners in everyone’s mouth and it’s likely those were just missed. The stuck food and plaque are the cause of tooth decay, gum infection and other dental issues. As you can see, it’s important you get your dental cleaning appointments and stick to them!

While cleaning is wonderful for dental health, getting whiter teeth is also important for some. Family dentists can perform teeth whitening, also known as bleaching, upon request. Typically dentist won’t recommend whitening because of costs so if this is something you are interested in, speak up.  Teeth whitening in a dental facility can have longer and greater benefits of whitening strips you buy at Walmart or Target.

When deep cleaning is involved, sometimes your dentist may need to drill and remove parts of an infected tooth. When this is the case, the drilled part will need to be filled to prevent further damage and infections. After your infected area has been removed, you will need to have it filled. This can be done on the same day. Today, there are many options for fillings which will allow the filling to mimic your current tooth color so when you open your mouth no one will know there was ever a filling done. In the past, most people chose the only option available which were silver fillings.

When your family dentist Hollywood FL notices your tooth’s enamel is thinner than it should be, a solution may be to have a procedure done which will give you a dental veneer. Veneers are a thin sheet of porcelain that lays on top of your teeth. They protect what’s left on the surface of your teeth and prevent further damage, cracks, and help to keep your clean free of plaque.

To learn more about these services and other cosmetic dental services, call your local family dentist in Hollywood FL today!

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