Comprehensive Care

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late: Comprehensive Care Preserves Oral Health

Many people don’t pay proper attention to their oral health. As they grow older, they experience the consequences of bad dental hygiene. Improper dental care can result in a number of problems including gum disease and tooth decay which may require a root canal. Everyone should be educated about the risks of bad oral hygiene and the methods that can prevent this.

Why Should You Consider Comprehensive Care?

Even though it may not be considered top priority, everyone should be aware of their oral health. It’s difficult for an individual to self-assess his or her dental condition because this requires a professional eye and specific tools. Only a trained and licensed dentist or dental assistant can give a qualified assessment of your current oral health condition.

Many at times you don’t even know that you already have cavities or plaque buildup in your teeth. That’s why consulting our clinic is the best start to figure out whether or not you need to undergo a Comprehensive Care program.

The Coverage of Comprehensive Care

What does the Comprehensive Care program really cover and how do you find out if you’re a good fit for this treatment? Here are some of the focal points of the program.

1. Occlusion problems

Do you suffer from malocclusion (bad bite)? – the state when the upper, lower teeth and jaws are misaligned. If you have a bad bite, this can cause damage to your jaw joints, also known as the temporomandibular joints (TMJ). Under the comprehensive care program, Dr. Karen Gordon will help fix your occlusion problem and normalize and optimize your bite.

2. Tooth restoration

A painful tooth can be caused by cavities or infection. Sometimes, when the problem is irreparable, extraction is inevitable. In this case, tooth restoration is performed to replace the extracted tooth and fill the gap between the adjacent teeth. A root canal with a filling, inlay/onlay, or full crown, may also be an option for tooth restoration.

3. Oral tissue and muscle assessment

The tissues and muscles surrounding the teeth and tongue are all included in the Comprehensive Care package. These will be evaluated for any abnormalities or damage including malformations and unnatural tissue/muscle growth. Biopsies can also be done if there are large abnormal growths in the mouth.

4. Gum care

The gums are often overlooked but they are actually vital when talking about oral health. Periodontal disease (gum disease) can appear at any age and in various forms. The most apparent symptom of gum disease is the bleeding of the gums, typically during or after brushing. If your gums bleed frequently, feel swollen or painful, or seem to be darker in color than the normal pinkish hue, take immediate action by visiting our clinic. When treated early, periodontal disease is easily managed and can be reversed. However, if complications arise other clinical procedures may be necessary to fix the problem.

5. Jaw care

The joints that connect the jaw to the skull (also known as TMJ) are vulnerable due to constant pressure. Chewing too frequently, eating very hard foods, grinding teeth or bruxism are all causes of TMJ disorders. The most common symptom for this is the inflammation and pain in the jaw. In the event that you feel such pain, you should visit our clinic for a consultation and diagnosis. TMJ disorders can be difficult to deal with, especially since the mouth is used for eating, talking, and other regular everyday activities. Treatment for TMJ disorders should be given as soon as possible and our clinic is ready to help you immediately.

6. Long-term maintenance

If you had a procedure done in our clinic, we provide Comprehensive Care for your long-term oral health maintenance and observation. This will ensure that you receive proper care for your specific dental condition and all your needs will be followed up accordingly.

Our Comprehensive Care Guarantee

As part of our Comprehensive Care package, we guarantee the following:

  • Complete oral health assessment and recommendation
  • Fully presented plan of care that follows the patient’s best interests
  • Briefing of all procedures involved in the package
  • Complete disclosure of all procedural costs and expenses
  • Consistent updates and follow-ups when needed
  • Professional care and assistance

If you are interested in undergoing assessment for our Comprehensive Care package, don’t hesitate to contact us at (954) 983-9004. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about your oral and dental health.

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